Monday, August 25, 2008

The Master List

So my last few posts have just re-iterated over and over what i'm bringing. But this one will be the master list. I'll edit this at will but will mark things I edit with a * in front. Everything I bring, make/model etc will be listed. Hell for the ones I can, I'll even link you to relevant pictures of it. The major categories are 1) Clothes 2) Electronics 3) Health and 4) Other. I've had to return a few things that I've ordered, but I'll save that for another post

1) Clothes

1 EMS 5000 Adventure pack (includes small daypack, which I may want to upgrade)
1 pack cover for airports( makes it like a duffel bag)
1 MEC bag cover for rain

2 short sleeved t shirts. 1 by Icebreaker and the other by MEC
1 long sleeved EMS shirt
1 long sleeved icebreaker shirt
1 North Face Flight Series fleece. Color is slightly lighter blue
1 Marmot Leadville Jacket

1 Tommy Hilfiger jeans. Got them at marshalls, they're broken in really well and I think I'll ditch them in SE Asia and buy a new pair of jeans when I get to Europe
1 EMS long underwear
1 EMS pants

1 Russel running shorts
1 Eddie bauer khaki shorts
1 Quicksilver board shorts

1 northface rain pants
1 EMS rainjacket

1 pair Northface boots
1 pair New balance running shoes
1 pair reebok sandals

3 pair smart wool sneaker socks
3 pair smart wool hiking boot socks (may cut down on these #s)
3 pair exofficio underwear. I may also cut down on the number of these... just kidding

1 MEC Towel

1 baseball hat

1 prescription glasses
1 prescription sunglasses

2) Electronics

1 Lenovo t61 14.1" (specs- 2.5 ghz, WSXGA, 2gb ram, 160gb 7200 rpm hd, int. graphics, int. webcam- dual boot xp and ubuntu hh)
1 Canon sd870
1 Nokia 5300
1 ipod shuffle
1 laptop charger
1 charger for camera
1 charger for phone
1 usb cord for shuffle
1 headphones from shuffle

1 LAN cable (may not bring)
1 APC universal converter

1 logitech vx revolution mouse. i'll rave about this later if its as good as i think it will be

1 keychain flashlight
1 headlamp

3) Health

1 toothbrush
1 tube toothpaste
2 bottles hotel shampoo
2 bottles hotel conditioner (thanks dad!)
1 small bar of soap
1 small bottle deodorant
1 small bottle bug spray (30% deet)
1 large bottle of sunscreen
1 gillette razor
1 tube shaving cream
1st aid kit
pristine water drops

4) Other

1 swiss army knife
1 moleskin journal
1 "modded" eyemask (thanks mom!)
1 pair earplugs
1 compass
1 deck playing cards
postcards of Lexington

multiple copies of all passports/ credit cards/ travel information

cash spread out in multiple places throughout my bags


Thats all for now. I'll keep a list of every time I update this list

Original writeup- August 25th noonish
Edit #1. Picked up a cordless mouse, 1st aid kid, compass and headlamp. also forgot to mention underwear
Edit #2. Returned my REI neo jacket for a Marmot Leadville jacket. The leadville is lighter, warmer, blocks wind and fits better. Also was 33% off. Also purchased an icebreaker long sleeved shirt.
Edit #3. Added 1st aid kit, playing cards, medications/pills, pristine water drops, flexoline

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kt said...

Ian this is great! it will for sure give me an idea of how I should be packing. thanks for sharing all your research :)