Saturday, August 9, 2008

Picking your favorite apartment (part 2)

Alright, I gotta narrow this one down in the next few days. Please give me your top 3 choices and your reasons for each, and I'll use your input to make my final decisions.

Given that I'm living alone, I am fine with taking something smaller/ cheaper- as I don't see myself having a ton of guests, but if one place really stands out as above and beyond definitely list it as such. Also, I have a bit of a preference for the high rises as I think they'd be a bit safer(?)

(In order of lowest price first)

1. Price 690/mo. Size 322 sq. ft

2. Price 750/mo Size 485 sq. ft

3. Price 795/mo Size 344 sq. ft

4. Price 815/mo Size 377 sq. ft

5. Price 850/mo Size 377 sq. ft

6. Price 850/mo Size 430 sq. ft

7. Price 875/mo Size 322 sq. ft

8. Price 875/mo Size 430 sq. ft

9. Price 900/mo Size 344 sq. ft

10. Price 900/mo Size 485 sq. ft

11. Price 940/mo. Size 355 sq. ft

12. Price 1015/mo Size 366 sq. ft

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