Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The next step...

So I've been pretty busy the past week or 2 and still have a bunch of things I need to wrap up in the near future. I'll list them here to serve as a reminder for myself as some of them are pretty urgent, some not so much.

1) Travel shots/ health insurance/ travel insurance. I'm getting my physical tomorrow so I will get a recommendation for a place to get those done, and health insurance/ travel insurance I know nothing about. Travel insurance I might not even get, but i'll weigh the pros/ cons

2) Staying in S. America. I need to a) find a hostel in downtown BsAs that is recommended and book 3 nights there. then b) find an apartment for the month that I am there alone and c) figure out a side trip that I am doing before Noah and Leon arrive.

3) I have some small things regarding my financials that I need to organize. I want to passively invest my income with a split of around 50/50 stocks and bonds. But this takes time and I've been bad at this. I also gotta figure out my situation with credit cards and whatnot.

4) buy gear. I'm doing pretty good at this. I got some expensive ziploc bags (supposedly the navy uses them) to keep my electronics dry, some new underwear (i'll make a long, long post on gear later), 2 pairs of merino wool t shirts (short sleeve), socks, camera, camera case etc etc.

5) Grad school stuff. I'm visiting BC pretty soon, so I need to finish my resume and then send it to some profs so I can hopefully meet up with them when I'm in Vancouver.

That's all for now. I've been pretty busy trying to put in hours to work, spend time with my parents (I'm doing the spanish tapes with my mom every morning now- way to multitask, amirite?) and still have time to relax before 10 months of travel. Next up, I'll give some in depth on the clothes I'm planning on wearing

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